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Associate Membership


The Litigation Group comprises barristers from various sets of chambers in Auckland and includes five silks, Noel Ingram QC, Grant Illingworth QC, Frances Joychild QC, David Chisholm QC. Richard Gordon QC of the English Bar is an Associate Member.

The Litigation Group members are leading practitioners in commercial, civil, criminal and public law and provide incisive and persuasive advocacy together with considered, timely and effective advice.

The Litigation Group members are specialist court and tribunal advocates in their respective areas of practice and regularly appear at all levels of the New Zealand Court system, including the Appellate Courts. A number of members have previously appeared in the Privy Council and in the Appellate Courts of Australia.

Particular areas of specialty include:

arwblock_lgreen_s administrative law

arwblock_lgreen_s appellate practice

arwblock_lgreen_s arbitration

arwblock_lgreen_s bankruptcy and insolvency

arwblock_lgreen_s building and construction

arwblock_lgreen_s commercial

arwblock_lgreen_s common law

arwblock_lgreen_s constitutional law

arwblock_lgreen_s corporate

arwblock_lgreen_s crime

arwblock_lgreen_s defamation

arwblock_lgreen_s employment

arwblock_lgreen_s equity

arwblock_lgreen_s family law

arwblock_lgreen_s human rights and discrimination

arwblock_lgreen_s intellectual property

arwblock_lgreen_s mediation

arwblock_lgreen_s royal commissions and statutory tribunals

arwblock_lgreen_s taxation

arwblock_lgreen_s trade practices

arwblock_lgreen_s trust law

Our members accept instructions from solicitors, in-house lawyers and general counsel.

The practice of barristers is regulated by the New Zealand Law Society Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. All barristers are in sole practice and are independent.

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